In the 1890s, when Freud was in the dawn of his career, he was struck by how many of his female patients were revealing childhood [sexual] victimization to him. Freud concluded that child sexual abuse was one of the major causes of emotional disturbances in adult women and wrote a brilliant and humane paper called “The Aetiology of Hysteria.” However, rather than receiving acclaim from his colleagues for his ground-breaking insights, Freud met with scorn. He was ridiculed for believing that men of excellent reputation (most of his patients came from upstanding homes) could be perpetrators of incest.
Within a few years, Freud buckled under this heavy pressure and recanted his conclusions. In their place he proposed the “Oedipus complex,” which became the foundation of modern psychology… Freud used this construct to conclude that the episodes of abuse his clients had revealed to him had never taken place; they were simply fantasies of events the women had wished for… This construct started a hundred-year history in the mental health field of blaming victims for the abuse perpetrated on them and outright discrediting of women’s and children’s reports of mistreatment by men.

― Lundy Bancroft

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read this carve it into your brains permanently etch it into your skulls r e a d  t h i s

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i don’t know how to deal with this

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middle schoolers complaining about how stressful school is


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but like did anyone bug out this bad when rihanna’s nudes were leaked like y’all were too busy gazing and objectifying and calling her a slut to write out mad long articulate articles and text posts laying down all the reasons as to why it was wrong that that happened but nOoOOO gotta defend the…

yuusssss.  i remember when rihannas nudes came out and people ripped her to shreds but she resiliently made a statement that she wasn’t ashamed because its her body/sexuality/relationship and supposed to be private.  now (on my fb dash of course) all i see is “WHY JENNIFER LAURENCE’S NUDES AREN’T A SCANDAL, THEY’RE A CRIME”.  well, duh, but  people only want to protect the other innocent little white one. 

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Recently an Instagram video circulated of a Ferguson protester discussing the looting and burning of the QuikTrip convenience store. He retorts the all too common accusation thrown at rioters: “People wanna say we destroying our own neighborhoods. We don’t own nothing out here!” This is the crux of the matter, and could be said of most majority black neighborhoods in America, which have much higher concentrations of chain stores and fast food restaurants than non-black neighborhoods. The average per capita income in Ferguson, MO is less than $21,000, and that number almost certainly gets lower if you remove the 35% white population of Ferguson from the equation. How could the average Ferguson resident really say it’s “our QuikTrip”? Indeed, although you might hang out in it, how can a chain convenience store or corporate restaurant earnestly be part of anyone’s neighborhood? The same white liberals who inveigh against corporations for destroying local communities are aghast when rioters take their critique to its actual material conclusion.
Willie Osterweil, “In Defense of Looting” (x), The New Inquiry . 8/21/14 (via desdeotromar)

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not to toot my own horn but


*toot toot* 

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Serving looks


fuck it up bitch!!

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Sept. 1 3:42 pm


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northkardshianweast said: What do you think are some of the best face moisturizers out there?


welcome to the drunk edition of skincare with sicardi 

  1. i still ride 4 artemis oil as moisturizer lol 
  2. ultra repair cream by first aid beauty is excellent for very dry and eczema prone skin 
  3. dr. jart+ water fuse gel is probably my favorite to use in winter it really makes me feel nice and cared 4 and like i injected a waterfall into my soul 

basically u wanna look for gel moisturizers with hyaluronic acid. asian beauty brands have been on this wave for ages. hyaluronic acid is sooooo good for dry skin it’s very cool to the touch i love it a lot 

hyaluronic acid 4 lifffffe

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When you hit the blunt before you go on the air… 

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Shadow Shower


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me at forever 21

  • “wow this would be great if it wasn’t covered in crosses and studs”
  • “was the galaxy print necessary”
  • “why is this so cheap”
  • “why is this so expensive”
  • “why is everything so ugly”
  • “why are 90% of my clothes from here”
  • “i hate everything here”
  • “im gonna buy everything”

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*develops new crush* *looks up star sign compatibility instead of actually talking to them*

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Aug. 31 10:28 am


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